Goals and Objectives


The Hellenic Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund (TEKE) is the operator of the deposit guarantee and investment compensation schemes and the Resolution Fund for credit institutions, is governed by law 4370/2016 (Government Gazette 37 A'/07 March 2016) and is based in Athens. It is a legal person governed by private law and is supervised by the Ministry of Finance. TEKE is not a public entity or a government agency and is outside the narrow or broader public sector.

The purpose of the HDIGF is:

  • to pay compensation to depositors in the event that deposits become unavailable
  • to pay compensation, to investor clients of credit institutions that are unable to fulfill their obligations to them

to finance resolution measures in credit institutions

ΤΕΚΕ is composed of three separate Schemes:

  • the Deposit Cover Scheme (hereinafter “DCS”) for coverage of depositors
  • the Investment Cover Scheme (hereinafter “ICS”), for coverage of investor clients
  • the Resolution Scheme (hereinafter “RS”), for financinge of resolution measures

The DCS, the DCS ICS and the RS are clearly distinct from each other and are separate property groups, each being solely earmarked for its respective purpose and serving such purpose in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force. The available funds of each Scheme of TEKE shall constitute separate property groups clearly distinct from each other and shall be used exclusively for the fulfillment of the purposes of each Scheme.  



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