TEKE Board

Theodoros M. Mitrakos, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Greece

Deputy Chairperson

Chariklia A. Apalagaki, General Secretary at the Hellenic Bank Association
Krystallo G. Michou - Director of Financial Operations of the Bank of Greece
Athanasios N. Christodoulopoulos, Head at the Risk Management Unit of the Bank of Greece
Konstantinos V. Botopoulos, Lawyer, at the Legal Department of the Bank of Greece
Vasileios G. Panagiotidis, Director at the Hellenic Bank Association

Appointment and powers of the Board

The HDIGF is governed by a seven-member Board, appointed by the Minister of Finance for a five-year term that may be renewed for an equal period. One of the Deputy Governors of the Bank of Greece is appointed Chairperson of the Board.
The other six (6) members are selected:

  • one (1) from the Ministry of Finance;
  • three (3) by the Bank of Greece; and
  • two (2) by the Hellenic Bank Association.

The Board of Directors is responsible for dealing with every issue falling within the scope of its purposes and relating to its administration, management and representation. The Board is in quorum and meets validly when at least four (4) members are present or represented, of which at least three (3) members must be physically present.The physically present members shall necessarily include the Chair and the Vice Chair. In the event of a tie, the Chair shall have a casting vote. Unless otherwise specified in this law, the decisions of the Board of Directors are made by majority vote of the members present or represented.

If not appointed as members, the Director of the Banking Supervision Department or the Director of the Resolution Department of the Bank of Greece may attend Board meetings without the right to vote. The President’s, the Vice-President’s and the Board members’ remuneration are determined by decision of the Minister of Finance after a proposal by the Board, and are paid by TEKE.


Composition of the Board in relation to resolution issues

When the Board of Directors discusses and decides upon matters pertaining to the resolution of a particular credit institution, it is composed of five members, excluding the members selected from the Hellenic Bank Association.

For the purpose of discussing and deciding on matters regarding resolution measures in a particular credit institution, the Board is in a quorum and meets validly when all the five (5) members of the Board are present or represented. At least three (3) of these five (5) Board members must be physically present. The matters referred to in the first sentence shall be decided upon by unanimous vote of the members present or represented in the meeting.


TEKE representation

The President of the Board of Directors represents TEKE before any authority and any third party, is present and represents TEKE in judicial proceedings and supervises the proper implementation of Board decisions, the proper execution of the plans and the budget of TEKE in the pursuit of its objectives and the observance of the Organisation and Operation Regulation of TEKE including the rules of procedures of TEKE Board. The President convenes meetings of the Board of Directors, chairs the meetings and specifies the agenda.

The Director of TEKE is appointed by decision of the Board. The Director of TEKE is the highest administrative official after the Board of Directors, entrusted with the administration and supervision of all the services of TEKE in accordance with its Organisation and Operation Regulation.