Communication with depositors during payout

The repayable amount is made available without a request to TEKE being necessary, with the exception of claims for additional Temporary High Balances (THBs) compensation, for which depositors will have to apply to TEKE, following a relevant announcement.

Indicatively, in case of activation of TEKE, it informs depositors via the press about the coverage limits and at a later stage it provides detailed information on the payout process.

All correspondence between TEKE and the depositors is drawn up:
(a) in the Greek language; or
(b) in the official language of the EU institutions that is used by the credit institution holding the covered deposit when writing to the depositor; or
(c) in the official language or languages of the Member State in which the covered deposit is located.

If a credit institution operates directly in another Member State without having established branches, the information is provided in the language that was chosen by the depositor when the account was opened.